Experienced - Knowledgeable: Strategic IT and Implementation Services

Helping IT Leaders

We thrive in helping IT leaders solve and manage business and technical challenges, both strategic and operational.

Our Approach

Combines the advantages of the disciplined attitudes of a traditional consultancy with flexibility and the highest standards of quality, service and close attention to your requirements.

Our Goal

Provide individually formulated consulting services to improve the cost-effectiveness of IT expenditure. We offer a balance of technical and business-oriented expertise and aim for active, enthusiastic and practical interaction with our clients. We can work closely with staff, suppliers and customers as required, while preserving the consulting advantages of independence, transparency and objectivity in the work we do on your behalf.

We Understand IT

Technology Insight & Strategy is an active, independent IT consultancy that understands the challenges faced in establishing and operating information technology solutions and services.

We work closely with our clients

Adding value to projects and business as usual through an understanding of their industry and knowledge and experience in IT