Experienced - Knowledgeable: Strategic IT and Implementation Services



Technology Insight & Strategy is directed by Andrew Andersen, who brings a lifetime of experience in information technology to client assignments.

Andrew proposes, leads and delivers a range of IT management consulting and advisory services to clients, mostly in financial and government sectors.

He has particular expertise in IT solution architecture, financial systems, payments, solution requirements, implementation management, managed services and smartcard systems and related technology.

Recognising the opportunity to better focus on specific clients’ needs, Andrew established the company in 1999, to provide individually formulated consulting services in IT management, strategy, infrastructure, financial systems, project and implementation planning. Prior to establishing Technology Insight & Strategy, Andrew gained extensive client experience in a large, global management consultancy. Before his consulting career, his work with IT vendors included product marketing, technology strategy, support services and project management in Australia and the United States.

Andrew holds a degree in engineering, and is a member of the Institution of Engineers, Australia and member of the Institute of Managers and Leaders. Technology Insight & Strategy has access to a wide range of consultants with strong IT management and technical expertise, and is able to undertake assignments that require team resourcing and multi-disciplinary skills.