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Challenges to IT Success

Tackling IT Challenges Needs Understanding and Insight

The pivotal role of IT in almost every business demands constant attention and focus to keep it on track; but at the same time, it can seem like a moving target, as technology drives operational change in business processes.

A key function for IT leadership is to look beyond how the business operates today, and consider how technology can be leveraged for innovation – finding opportunities for innovative solutions that drive more cost-effective processes, better service outcomes for customers and strategic positioning for the challenges of tomorrow.

Whilst that can sound easy, it’s complicated by considerations for risk management, regulatory impact and governance of the IT controls you have in place. Clients often struggle with the continual need to work in the business, and inescapable future demands for working on the business. Some of the most common challenges are listed below:

Strategic IT Challenges

  • We need better alignment with what the business requires from IT
  • We need a current IT strategy and IT business plan that details how we will deliver the strategy
  • We need a technology roadmap to ensure we are all on the same page relating to our technology vision
  • We need to be more strategic in how we operate, to 'keep the lights on', decrease IT costs and perform better
  • We need a better process to manage the demand for IT services with the supply of available resources
  • We need to document our enterprise, solution, data and infrastructure architectures so we can plan and implement future solutions
  • We need an effective IT governance framework

Operational IT Challenges

  • We need a better process to mitigate our project risks
  • We need to upgrade our infrastructure to take advantage of new technologies
  • We need to be 100% certain that our data is secure,
  • We need to better understand our IT risks and implement effective controls
  • We need to better understand our current IT controls and ensure they are functioning as planned
  • We need to better understand and control our IT costs
  • We need to assign accountabilities for key IT controls to ensure management is aware of all issues
  • We need to ensure that the deployed technologies are satisfying our business objectives and are embraced by our staff
  • We need a capital replacement schedule

If you answered YES to any items listed above, we can help resolve the related tasks and problems.

Our services revolve around optimising your IT spend, so that cost savings are re-directed to your organisation’s business strategy, focused on innovative solutions, new products and services, whilst maintaining a safe and secure IT environment for processing and that the appropriate IT controls are in place.

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