Experienced - Knowledgeable: Strategic IT and Implementation Services

In our experience

An organisation’s IT function is impacted by at least ten influencers, as illustrated below. Workload management and prioritisation is a constant challenge for IT leadership. Leading IT is a tough job; we know that it takes special people to be successful.

Our most successful clients know when to put up their hand and say
“we could benefit from an external opinion at the moment”.

Whether it’s ongoing support for a specific initiative, or the need for an immediate infusion of knowledge and experience in short bursts, we can help.

Our consultants’ experience and knowledge has helped clients avoid the need for lengthy and expensive engagements by major consulting firms.

We can assist you in most areas of IT

From unloading the IT leadership team, through to supporting a myriad of strategic issues, including guidance on solution architecture, IT infrastructure, IT procurement and governance, risk management, and operational performance improvement.

We can support a wide range of IT initiatives, especially assignments in the following areas:

  • Information technology project planning and implementation
  • Financial, banking and transit smart card systems expertise
  • IT strategy planning, infrastructure and applications architecture
  • IT security, risk management, reviews and business continuity plans
  • Internal and outsourced IT organisation planning.